Dustin’s ‘Stranger Things’ Hoodie Is Officially a Hyped Fashion Item

Netflix Stranger Things

The non-profit Science Museum of Minnesota has become a fashion hotspot after putting the notable brontosaurus hoodie from Stranger Things up for sale. According to reports, more than 80,000 people rushed to the museum website to purchase the new release, causing the online store to temporarily crash.

The hoodie, worn by the lovable Dustin Hoffman, was originally sold in the mid-1980s as part of a traveling exhibit. With the show gaining many fans across the world, knock-off versions of the garm soon became widespread. Not one to miss out, The Minnesota Museum quickly caught onto the rising demand and are now allegedly seeing sales of up to $3 million.

“For us, we’re just relishing this opportunity to be connected to the popular show, especially one that has characters that are interested in science,” said the museum’s public relations director, Kim Ramsden. “As a nonprofit, all of the proceeds will go back to our mission of science and education and inspiring other young kids like Dustin on the show and his friends to have an interest in science.”

The museum sold out of hoodies around noon on Tuesday, but fear not, for a new batch should be available at 10 a.m. CST on Thursday.

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Now watch James Corden form a Motown supergroup with the Stranger Things boys.

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