Here’s How Celebrities Are Reacting to Louis C.K.’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Twitter blew up last night after The New York Times published a story detailing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against comedian Louis C.K.

The article featured detailed accounts from five women: Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov, Abby Schachner, Rebecca Corry, and an anonymous fifth source, all of whom allege that C.K. asked to, or actually masturbated in front of them.

Louis C.K. is just the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual misconduct after the high profile allegations against Harvey Weinstein were revealed. Other names include Jeremy Piven and Brett Ratner.

See how celebrities reacted to the news below.

If you have been sexually assaulted, there are resources to help you. 

Donate to Rape Crisis here (UK) or RAINN here (US).

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