Columbia’s Limited Edition ‘Star Wars’ Jackets Are Straight-Up Fire

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Inspired by The Empire Strikes Back, Columbia is partnering with Star Wars to deliver an incredible selection of winter warmers for you to stay snug during the cold season.

Kicking off the collection is a stunning teal parka for those who happen to be fans of Hans Solo. The jacket is made from water-resistant materials, packed with heat insulation technology, and comes with a faux-fur hood, making it a knockout steal for any budding explorers.

Next in line is the Leia Organa inspired jacket — a suave option for those who want a tighter fit. Here, the Princess’s white jacket/vest combo is formed into a heat reflective coat with a detachable hood and gusset sleeves.

Last but not least is a model based on Luke Skywalker’s Empire look. Formed of neutral and nude tones, this jacket vest/combo is also designed for keeping you warm, with padded sleeves and a high neck collar also packed with heat insulation technology. It too is water resistant.

Columbia will only be making 1,980 versions of each style, celebrating the year The Empire Strikes Back arrived in theaters. Priced at $400 a piece, the items release on December 8.

Details on how to cop any of these pieces can be found on Columbia’s website.

For more Star Wars goodies, OnePlus is set to release a limited edition Stormtrooper phone.

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