Photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Accused of Sexual Molestation

Adding to the already huge spate of sexual harassment claims both in and around the world’s more famous circles, famed photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino are next to be pulled over the coals. A recent report publish by The New York Times reveals all.

With a mass of 15 male models coming forward to speak out against Bruce Weber’s sexual misconduct, his work ethic was described as being coercive and involved unnecessary nudity when work for clients such as Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch turned inappropriate. Bruce Weber’s honor ceremony was recently cancelled amidst such allegations.

And succeeding with an arguably greater photographic legacy, Mario Testino now has 13 different accounts against his name, in which male assistants recall to The New York Times, that they were subjected to inappropriate sexual advances, which then led to molestation in the way of groping and masturbation.

Of course such allegations have been met with surprising force by both Testino and Weber’s judicial representatives, despite neither of them having made a personal statement yet. Read the full story about the allegations over at The New York Times, and stay tuned for further updates.

Since late 2017, such cases have been coming in thick and thin from Hollywood. Most recently, James Franco was accused by five women of sexual misconduct.

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